Micro Frontends

Benefits and Value of Micro Frontends

  • Independence and Autonomy

The new React development experience.



If you also think that Redux’s Boilerplate code and immutable data update make your code verbose, then this article may be the answer you’re looking for.

class Foo extends Module {
@state todos = { bar: { list: [] } };
done(index, state) {
state.todos.bar.list[index].done = true;
  • No…

  • Modularization of business logic — usm-vuex will solve the important problem of modularization
  • TypeScript — vue-cli3
  • TSX — Better template type checking
  • Dependency injection — Best DI…

import { createStore, combineReducers } from 'redux'// action
let nextTodoId = 0
const addTodo = text => {
return {…


General front-end testing


StyleSheet API

  • hairlineWidth
  • flatten
  • absoluteFillObject
  • absoluteFill

Stylesheet problem

Michael Lin

unadlib at RingCentral

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